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Performing CRUD operations on Azure SQL Database using SharePoint Framework Web Part and ASP.NET Web API - Part 1

When it comes to storing and retrieving large data on SharePoint, my approach (depending on scope though) is usually to store the data in an external database  where I can have full control over the data retrieval and totally avoid dealing with the large list issue due to SharePoint list throttling limit, then render the data on a SharePoint page using visual web part. But like I indicated above, there are a number of things you have to consider before deciding weather you want to store your data on a SharePoint list or directly on an SQL database table.  Important questions to answer are: Will end users be creating views based on different filtering parameter from time to time? if the answer is yes, you might want to consider using a SharePoint list as it already has administrative tools for power users to perform these tasks. This may be a quick win approach for you, particularly where deadline is against you. But you have to bear in mind that your users might have to deal wit