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Customizing and Branding SharePoint Master Pages using JavaScript Embedding - Applies to On-prem and Office 365

In this article, I will be sharing a few tips on the customization of SharePoint master page using JavaScript injection. As you might be aware, Microsoft discourages customization of the OOTB master page, and neither do they encourage the use of a custom master page especially for office 365, as doing so will prevent functional updates from being applied to the master page, unless they are manually applied. From maintenance point of view, I think applying updates manually will be cumbersome to maintain especially when you are supporting multiple clients. So I decided to do more research on the best way to have a greater level of control on the master page than just using the alternate css approach. A google search pointed me to the starter template  Core.EmbedJavaScriptJSOM developed by Wictor WilĂ©n. I downloaded it, and started playing around it.  The interesting thing is you can do a lot with JavaScript injection. You can move things around, change color, style the navigation or