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Helpful links to study for MS-600 Building Applications and Solution with Office 365 Core Services

I have used materials from Microsoft Learn to study for this exams. Here are the links to the materials I used. Hope this helps someone. us/learn/paths/m365-msteams- associate/  - Teams us/learn/paths/m365-msgraph- associate/  - MS Graph us/learn/paths/m365-identity- associate/  - MS Identity us/learn/paths/m365- sharepoint-associate/  - SPFx us/learn/modules/getting- started-identity/  -Ms Identity us/learn/modules/optimize- data-usage/  -MS Graph us/learn/modules/identity- permissions-consent/  - identity permission us/learn/modules/msgraph- access-user-data/  - MS Graph us/learn/modules/identity- application-types/-  Identity us/learn/m