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Generate Word Document From A SharePoint List Item Using Microsoft Flow

Recently I took a deep dive into Microsoft flow, and the first task I gave myself was using MS flow for one of the projects I have done in the past. In my former company I was tasked by the legal team to develop a solution that auto-generates contract document based on a predefined template and route it for approval. They wanted to standardized the document so that any contract document leaving the bank to the customers will have the same format. I did this without writing a single line of code, using SharePoint Designer Workflow, List and InfoPath I was able to meet their requirements. Initially doing this in MS flow seemed impossible, but because MS flow has an action that supports REST APIs I was determined to code it if required. But it turns out to be simpler than it seemed. I used a REST API to achieve it though, but later discovered an action that saved me the two steps introduced by the REST API. I will cover the two methods in this post. We will start by creating a conten