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A Simple Way To Re-use Your Existing Script Editor's customization in SPFx Web Part

When migrating to SharePoint modern experience, one of the questions you will be faced with is how to replace your existing Script Editor customizations  with the new SharePoint Framework since scripting is not allowed in the modern sites, meaning Script Editor web part is not available for use (note: you can enable it if you want but it is not recommended). This may leave you thinking about if you have to go learn TypeScript/React, how long it will take and, if and how you can re-use your existing scripts within SPFx. Well, let me tell you the good news, yes you can re-use your existing scripts and it is simple. But it is recommended that you re-write them in TypeScript/React if budget and time permit. So if your goal is re-using the existing scripts as much as possible in the short term while you learn the new language this post is for you. This post will explain the general steps to re-using your existing script within an SPFx web part but you may need to make some changes to t