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Export SharePoint Document Library Metadata Information to PDF Using Power Automate

Finally, I have some time in my schedule to resume blogging after a long break! This post is prompted by someone who recently asked how to export metadata information from a library (form library to be specific) to PDF, in a PowerApps group I belong to. I thought this could be achieved in Power Automate by calling MS graph API but it turns out to be simpler with Word Online ( Business)  actions. I decided to blog about how I did it to help someone out there who might be looking to do the same thing. So let’s get started! We are going to use content controls. So Open an empty word document and enable Developer tab if you don’t already have it enabled ( note you can enable Developer Tab using Customize the Ribbon.. ). Once you have enabled th tab, under the  Controls  section you can add content controls into your document. Use the control  Properties  to give the control a friendly name that you will use in the Flow. In our own case, we are going to use Repeating Section Cont