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Creating SharePoint Aspx Pages from Word Documents using PowerShell

Recently I worked on a solution that converts word documents to web pages in SharePoint, and I think it will be useful for a lot of people, particularly administrators who are looking for a way to convert existing word documents to web pages in SharePoint without having to do copy and paste and worry about how to format the text on the page. So I decided to make it available as a PowerShell script module that you can import and run with a single line of command. This will be useful for organizations looking to make some documents available in read-only for their employees but wants to prevent them from downloading such documents, e.g policy documents may fall in this category. Aside using tools like right management system, one thing you may want to do is converting such documents to web pages. If this sounds like what you want, this PowerShell module is for you.  To get started, download or clone the project file in GiHub . If you download it as a zip file, unzip it and cop