Generate Word Document From A SharePoint List Item Using Microsoft Flow

Recently I took a deep dive into Microsoft flow, and the first task I gave myself was using MS flow for one of the projects I have done in the past. In my former company I was tasked by the legal team to develop a solution that auto-generates contract document based on a predefined template and route it for approval. They wanted to standardized the document so that any contract document leaving the bank to the customers will have the same format. I did this without writing a single line of code, using SharePoint Designer Workflow, List and InfoPath I was able to meet their requirements.

Initially doing this in MS flow seemed impossible, but because MS flow has an action that supports REST APIs I was determined to code it if required. But it turns out to be simpler than it seemed. I used a REST API to achieve it though, but later discovered an action that saved me the two steps introduced by the REST API. I will cover the two methods in this post.

We will start by creating a content type and its associated site columns. We will then upload a template to it and apply the content type to a document library. If you have done this before, jump to the part that interests you the most.

1. Go to the Site Settings (select from the gear icon at the upper right corner on SP online) and click Site content types under Web Designer Galleries.
2. Click Create and name it Contract Agreement.
3. In the "select content type from" select Document Content Types. 
4. Select Document in the Parent Content Type dropdown.
5. Then in the Put this content type into, select New group and type Contract Content Types in the field. I always like to create a new group for my content types.
the page should look like this when you are done:
6. Click Ok to close the page
7. Now look for your content type i.e. Contract Content Types and click Contract Agreement 
8. For the purpose of this demo, let's create 3 columns namely Client Name -data type: single line of text, Contractor Name -data type: single line of text and Amount - data type: currency. Choose Add from new site column to create the columns. It should look like this

9. Now create a document library called Contracts based on Microsoft word document template (if you use the advanced options)
10. Now let's apply the content type to the library. Go to the library and click library settings. If you are using SP online, you will find library settings in the gear icon at the upper right corner.
11. On the library settings page, click Advanced settings and click Allow management of content types radio button. Click Ok to go back to library settings.
12. You should now see Content Types category. click Add from existing site content types
13. In the Select site content types from,  select Contract Content Types from the dropdown.
14. Select Contract Agreement and click Add to move it to Content types to add box, then click Ok.

Now let's create a custom list that we will use to create content that will be embedded in the generated document.
15. Create a custom list called ContactForm and create these 3 columns: Client Name, Contractor Name and Amount. If you like you can also create a content type with these columns and apply it to the list just as we did for the library. But note, parent content type will be List content type and NOT Document.

Now let's prepare our template. You can download any sample contract (word) document template from the internet and modify it to suit your purpose. But here is one you can use.
If you downloaded my sample, upload it to Contract library, then open it from within the library in word document. See the image below:

16. Click Open in word to open it with word program on your computer.
17. When it is opened, click Insert and select Quick Parts to open the sub-menu.
18. In the sub-menu, click Document Property, then select appropriate column to fill the gaps in the template.
19. When you are done, save a copy on your system drive. Your template should look like this:

20. Now go back to Site content type page. See step 1 on how to navigate there.
21. Look for Contract Content Types, and select Contract Agreement.
22. Click Advanced Settings under Settings.
23. Click Upload a new document template and upload the template above.
24. Leave other settings as default and click Ok.
25. Now go back to the library i.e. Contracts library and click on New. You should see your template in the drop down menu. You may want to make your content type the default and the only content type for the library.

If you click on it, it should open your template with the placeholders in it.

Now it's time to move to Microsoft flow

1. Open the ContactForm list you created earlier and click on Flow, then Create a flow.
2. In the Create a flow palette, click When a new item is added in SharePoint, complete a custom action.
3. On the page that opens, click Continue, then click Edit in When a new item is created to auto select the current site and the list. Note: Flow is outside of your SharePoint environment, so you may need to sign in if you are not signed in automatically.
4. Click New step and select Add an action.
5. In the Add an action, select SharePoint and search for Get file content, click to add.
6. In the Site Address field, select the site where the library is. Note it allows you to enter a custom site url which means you can use a different site other than the site you are currently working. This is an advantage over SharePoint Designer (SPD).
7. In the File Identifier, click the picker, then select Contracts > Forms > Contract Agreement > ContractAgreement.docx (or whatever you named your template name).
8. Click New step and add Create File, follow the step above to add Create File action.
9. Then select your site, the folder should be the library i.e. Contracts.
10. Set the focus in File Name, then under when a new item is created in the Dynamic Content, select Title, then append .docx to the title. Here we are creating a word document name using the title of our list item. 
11. In the File Content, select File Content under Get file content in the Dynamic Content flyout. This action creates a new word document based on the template and copy its content using File Content output. This step should look like this:

with this step you have succeeded in creating a new word document based on the template. But we need to replace the placeholders in the template with the content of our list items. 
Like I mentioned before, there are two ways to do this. One will interest developers and the other is lovable to Administrators or power users. 

First Method uses Update file properties action and its actually the best method:
12. Add Update file properties action using New step, and configure as follows:
Notice the I have selected ItemId from Create File as Id of the document to update and Name of the document as Title. Note that Title is different from document name in SharePoint library. It is optional so you can leave it empty. But set Client Name, Contractor Name and Amount -these are all selected from when a new item is created category of the Dynamic Content fly-out.

Second Method: 
This is the initial approach I used before I discovered the Update file properties action. If you are a developer you will find it interesting to know that Flow functionalities can be extended with REST APIs. But this method introduces another action step: Get file properties.
13. Add a new step and pick Get file properties from Add an action. Note you have to remove Update file properties if you already added it.
14. Configure it as follows:

15. Then add Send an HTTp request to SharePoint action and configure it as follows:
Note: The body has to be in JSON format.

Let's include one last step. Usually you will want to send a contract to a vendor for review before it is finally approved and printed for sign off. MS Flow makes it possible for you to send the generated document as an attachment in an email to the vendor assuming they don't have account created for them on your office 365. So let's add Send email with options step and configure it as follows:
We have two options here: It is Okay, and Review Needed. You can further customize the flow based on the vendor's response. I think is cool if you are looking to automate your contract agreement process back to back. 

To finish, click Save to save your changes.

To test, open ContractForm list and fill it 
If everything works fine, you should see a new document created in your Contracts library with the name Contractual Agreement or whatever name you used in the title field above. Open it in word to see how the workflow has populated the document with the content from the list. Note: You won't see the changes if you open it in browser. You have to open in word.

I hope you find it helpful.


  1. Hello, I followed your steps but I have an error when the flow try to update the file values: the error is "Item does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.\r\nclientRequestId: 332f649d-2d6c-42e2-9834-22767653a1c1\r\nserviceRequestId: 2f1c6f9e-70a8-5000-db66-e3775ad1532e" but I don't know what is the reference of "item does not exists": I've seen that the file is created in the document library but the data are not loaded in the file.

    1. Resolved this issue: I make a mistake to insert the id of the file; I have a second issue: I run first time the flow and it was ok, the other time the flow succeded, the file is creating but the values are empty.

    2. Are you opening it within browser or word program? If you open it within browser it will be empty. Try opening it in word program on your desktop. It should work...

  2. when opening the word document (on my desktop with the word application) from sharepoint the newly created columns do not appear in Quick Parts. is there something else needed to allow Word to 'see' those columns?

    1. You should see it after you have applied the content type on the library. Do this, open an empty word document on your system and go to "save as" on the file menu. Select the library location on your SharePoint site where you have the content type. You should see your your site location if you have opened word from the library before. When you click save, type a name and click save. It should prompt you to select a content type. If it does that means the allow content type is enabled, select the contract agreement content type and save. Then go to Quick Part, you should see the columns.

    2. i got that working but now number 23 (Click Upload a new document template and upload the template above.)does not work. i found this and will try again tomorrow with a new site:

    3. If what you are getting is access denied, it might be scripting issue as described on the forum. please let me know if it works for you.

    4. i created a new sharepoint site and went through everything again. i got everything working and the flow runs without issues except the document generated from the flow does not update the 'Quick Parts' tags in the document.

      the second method of your flow isn't described in detail too much but i am going to try that next. method one does not work for me.

    5. If the library where the document gets created at has the custom columns populated by the ContacForm list when the workflow runs, then the Quick Part should not be empty when you open in word program on your desktop. So check the 3 fields i.e. ContractorName, ClientName and Amount on the library if they are not empty. What version of word are you using though? I use 2013...

    6. ok, so sharepoint is generating the document correctly. however the attachment in the email does not send the correct document - it sends the template with the tags not replaced. i have added another 'Get File Contents' step referencing the identifier from the 'Update file properties' step. i am using that 'File Content' as my email attachment and still get the same result ... will continue to troubleshoot ... frustrating - you would think this wouldn't be as complicated

    7. I'm sure you will figure it out. What version of word are you using though? I use 2016 (not 2013 as erroneously typed above). I'm thinking this could be due to version of word being used with SP Online.

    8. i figured it out - thank you. the confusion was in receiving a copy of the document to a gmail account. the gmail 'view' shows the tags and not the actual values. when you download the document and view in Word the document is correct.

    9. Oh yea, you have to download and open it with word program on your desktop. Glad you figured it out.

    10. great instructional document. Do you have any experience with pushing rich text from a list into a word document? I followed your document and was able to get the flow functioning. However, im creating a newsletter and I'd like to give users the ability to submit formatted sections of the document. The flow pushes formatted HTML into the rich text fields in tthe document library.

    11. Is there any way we could remove the HTML formatting that we get using the multi line rich text fields with tables? It works perfectly fine with multi-line plain text fields.

  3. Hi there.. great blog ! I have followed your instructions above but I have a couple of items in my list that have drop down choices. Is there any way of mapping these to the word document ?
    Also my flow fails when adding the information to the word document. Any suggestions ? Thanks Deirdre

    1. This is the error I am getting
      "error": {
      "code": 502,
      "source": "",
      "clientRequestId": "d3a646bc-9adb-4c6c-94b6-d48d4a940021",
      "message": "BadGateway",
      "innerError": {
      "status": 500,
      "message": "Item does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.\r\nclientRequestId: d3a646bc-9adb-4c6c-94b6-d48d4a940021\r\nserviceRequestId: 306b849e-6025-6000-3355-3d796f14ab5e"

    2. I have not actually used drop down for this before. But I think one way around this is to create a a text field i.e. single line of text column in the document library and pass the value of the drop-down field from the custom list into it. So create a text field instead of creating a drop-down field in the document library and use the flow to push value from the drop down in your custom list into it.

    3. Great.. I'll try that ! Thank you - Deirdre

    4. Hi Aregbesola,

      Thank you for the great post!
      I am also facing a similar problem as the below post. When opening the word document on my desktop with the word application from SP and also when opening the attachment sent by email, it does not send the correct document - it sends the template with the tags not replaced.

      I am using drop down value and person value (I have a column name Employee and the value is Person) in some of my columns.
      I have also tried the solution proposed by you and had created these drop-down field and Person field in the document library as Text Field, however this has not worked.

      Is something else I am missing?

      I will truly appreciate any suggestion,


  4. This was so helpful. How come the word document has to be downloaded though to see the changes?

    1. It's because word online does not support quick part. You can pdf it as someone suggested in the comment below.

  5. I have been playing with this idea for weeks. Thank you so much for laying it all out! I did find a solution to the "download" problem for sharing the document. Once I create the document, I convert it to an Adobe pdf. This works for me because the document is a regularly published report based off of SharePoint data. Thanks again for the clear and concise walkthrough! You're a lifesaver!

  6. If data for field in Word Template is empty, then error after opening Word Document.
    How to change it?

    1. I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you saying the workflow did not populate the library fields? Empty field in the library shouldn't stop the document from opening...may be something else is wrong with your settings.

  7. Very useful post.

  8. Incredibly helpful post, I'm currently trying to see if i can create all the contents of a word file including tables programmatically and this is a great first step to at least prove i can edit the contents.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Nice Article. Solved my issue. Thanks!

  11. Thank you! I've been doing this in SharePoint designer for years and this is so helpful in recreating the process in Flow. I was stuck on this for a while and didn't think to use Update File Properties. To prevent the file from being opened in Word Online, in the library settings, I selected the radio option to Open in the client application. This will open the file in Word and he column metadata is displayed when selecting the file (on the right of the screen or from the context menu).

    The one issue I ran into was with the content types. I kept getting Access Denied. Then I saw this on TechNet - It appears Access Denied happens on sites created using the Create Site on the main SharePoint page (Office 365 group sites). I ended up creating a site collection using the SharePoint Admin Center.

    1. I had the same when i tried uploading a template to a SITE content type. When i add the contenttype to a document library, i could add the template to the content type there

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Every time I attempt upload the template I get "Sorry you don't have access" even though I have allowed scripting. I am the owner and member of this site collection. I am really starting to hate SharePoint Online.

    1. Hi Taylor, try what someone suggested above "The one issue I ran into was with the content types. I kept getting Access Denied. Then I saw this on TechNet - It appears Access Denied happens on sites created using the Create Site on the main SharePoint page (Office 365 group sites). I ended up creating a site collection using the SharePoint Admin Center."

  15. Nice article, Thank you it solved my problem.
    I noticed that if am using a Managed Metadata column that data/value is not fetched in to the word document. other column values like date and time and choice filed, single and multiple line of text people or group all this works, expect the metadata column.

    Any Suggestions on this one ?

    1. I haven't tried it with Managed Metadata column yet, so I wouldn't tell for sure if is supported. But did you find the column under Document property when you go to Quick parts in word document? If it is there and you are able to insert it into the template, then I think it should work. Also, have you tried uploading the template into the library with managed metadata, fill up the document properties, then open the template directly from the library? When you open it does the value from the column show up in the template? I will try this myself when I have some time...

    2. Yes, It does show up in Document Property (in Quick Parts). All the column values are getting the information expect for this one. I will try again in a new site collection and see how it goes. Thanks for replying back. :)

  16. This is brilliant! thanks Aregbesola :o)

  17. Hi Aregbesola bro,

    That was an amazing article with clear and precise steps. Have been searching for this document generation activity using Microsoft Flow and seriously this is a life saver article.

    Keep up the great work bro! Thanks for sharing the wonderful piece of information :)

  18. Great work!!
    i am able to create document in Docu Lib but, i am not getting list content in to that document i received in email

  19. Easy to follow instructions. Thank you. All worked, but the very end. After MS Flow ran and the final document was saved to Contracts, the document did not have a .docx or any file type at the end, so I was unable to open the document. Any ideas why this might have happened?
    Thank you.

    1. You need to manually type in .docx in your flow.

  20. Hi! Thanks for this post. Let say, what if you have a Sharepoint list, where you have two columns: Customer name and Order number and you want to create a document, that contains the customer name and every order number that is related to the customer. Any ways to do that? Thanks

  21. That was an amazing article with clear and precise steps. Have been searching for this document generation activity using Microsoft Flow and seriously this is a life saver article.
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  22. I followed steps and used Method 1, the flow works without errors, a document is created but the fields do not update from Sharepoint list items What should I look for?

    1. More info: Look like the File is created properly in SharePoint, I save them to the same library that the template is stored. If I open the file from Sharepoint seems to only show the template, if I open the file with Word it shows all the fields updated properly. Also the emailed document looks like the template only. Should I save newly created files to another library?

    2. So my only issue is the emailed document seems to be the template with document name assigned.

      Also, opening the document with Word Online from the Document Library shows the template vars but if I download the document and open with Word it is correct.

      I also used File name with Extension for Attachments-1 Name in Send Email with Options.

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  29. This is what I was looking for! Thank you so much.

  30. Is there any way we could remove the HTML formatting that we get using the multi line rich text fields with tables in flows? It works perfectly fine with multi-line plain text fields

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  32. Hi this article is a great help. the problem is when i go into library settings and click on "Add from existing site content types" , I don't find my group in the list. Any solution to this issue Please.

  33. I don't think I've ever found such a well written tutorial that was successful the first time around. I was searching for the ability to create a formatted Word doc from a Sharepoint list for ages (GSuite makes this too easy). The method is incredibly complex but it does work and has opened up a lot more opportunities for Flow in my school. If my brain doesn't explode. Well done and thank you. Brilliant.

  34. I have found a much easier way to create Word documents in half as many steps and much less complicated. It may help everyone? It works just as well.


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